Gunman accused of refusing to get out of his car

By DAVID MELSON – [email protected]

A man carrying a loaded pistol and additional ammunition in his car was arrested after allegedly refusing to exit during a traffic check on Monday evening,

Jimmy Amos Thomas, 37, of Midland Road was clocked at 47 mph in a 30 mph zone on North Main Street, according to the report by Officer Dylan Farrar.

Thomas was confronted with the queue behind the wheel of Taco Bell. He is said to have insisted on several occasions that the speed limit was higher.

A computer check showed that Thomas had outstanding mandates. Thomas refused to get out of his car for a while and had to be forcibly handcuffed, Farrar said.

Officers found a loaded pistol and 30 rounds in a fanny pack in the passenger seat of the car and another 16 rounds in the console.

Thomas has been charged with resisting arrest, speeding and driving without insurance, and served previous warrants for probation violation and justification. He was held on $ 7,000 bond.

Suspected of theft

A suspect in four Walmart robberies was arrested Monday morning following a traffic stop.

Elmer Wesley Matthew Minton, 43, of US 231 North, was arrested for speeding on North Main Street by Constable Brandi Merlo. A computer check revealed four active warrants, each for theft under $ 500.

Minton posted a $ 1,000 bond.


• Valve stems were removed from all four tires of a vehicle overnight Sunday at a house on Deery Street. The owner further damaged the tires while driving several blocks on four flat tires, police said.

• A Shadow Drive resident told police on Tuesday that several phone chargers and two slides were stolen from his rented room. Surveillance footage showed no suspicious activity, police said.

• Lifts were stolen from a roller trailer on a truck parked at Warners Bridge Road in November, a Bedford County MP said on Monday. A suspect has been named.

• A Nikon Coolpix camera accidentally left in front of a house on College Street in Wartrace last August is missing. The owner has just noticed the theft due to the presence of an identical camera inside the house.

Entering prison

The following people have been charged since Monday by the Shelbyville Police Department, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, the Tennessee Highway Patrol or the 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force. They are only invoiced; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.

• Kaylyn Sue Benson, 29 East Lane Street; no driving license, light law; released on engagement

• Nelson Reese Cates, 40 Carlisle Avenue; domestic assault, interference with 911; inmate, $ 5,000 bond

• Nathan Kyle Cooper, 19 North Evans Street; public intoxication, illegal consumption; inmate, obligation of $ 4,000

• Jesse Tyler Crosslin, 27, East Parkway; failure to appear; inmate, $ 2,500 bail (60 days for late reporting)

• Paul Blandon Haradon II, 45 Kingston Corner Road; possession of drug paraphernalia; released on engagement

• Jessica Jade Henderson, 29 Old Columbia Road; domestic assault, violation of a no-contact order; inmate, $ 10,000 bail

• Elmer Wesley Matthew Minton, 43, US 231 North; theft under $ 500 (four counts); released, bail of $ 1,000

• Elizabeth Morales, 43, avenue Belmont; no driving license / exhibited on request, running stop; released on engagement

• Michael Cody Mullis, 35, Murfreesboro; violation of probation; summons issued

• Francisco Padillo Dominquez, 30, highway 64 west; no driving license / presentation on request; released, no bail

• Tiffany Dawn Taylor, 37, Barksdale Lane; theft (shoplifting); released on engagement

• Jimmy Amos Thomas, 37, Midland Road; resistance to arrest, speeding, financial liability, violation of probation, show cause hearing; inmate, $ 7,000 bail

• Daniel Bayless Waldrum, 57, Colombia, violation of a protection order; released, no bail

• Patrick Richard Walker, 54, Archery Lane; DUI (second offense), driving on revoked license (second offense); inmate, $ 6,000 bail

• Michael Chad Wilson, 46, chemin Midland; revocation of probation; released on engagement