Funding pays for new Armed Forces tribute at war memorial near Wigan

Funding to pay the tributes, which are located at the Up Holland War Memorial, came from part of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding allocated to Up Holland Parish following a new development in this region.

The CIL is a fee levied by the local authority on new developments applicable within the borough.

The parish council used part of this money to pay for the pews.

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The World War II Bench

One of the benches is dedicated to our armed forces in the First World War and shows soldiers in combat.

The other is dedicated to those who served in World War II and features armed forces in combat, with fighter jets flying overhead.

A dove of peace is also part of the design.

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The new trash can

Councilor Yvonne Gagen, leader of West Lancashire Borough Council, said: “West Lancashire is proud of its links with the armed forces and these benches pay special tribute to them alongside the Up Holland War Memorial.

“I’m so glad this funding was used to create such a beautiful tribute to those who served in the World Wars. Come see them for yourself and take some time while you’re at the war memorial to reflect on the service rendered by our armed forces.”

West Lancs Council Armed Forces Champion Councilor Andy Fowler added: “These incredible benches are a poignant reminder of the great sacrifices those who have fought in armed conflict over the years have made so that we can live free. today.

“And with the Duke of Lancaster’s regiment having so enthusiastically recently hosted the borough’s parade during their freedom just a few weeks ago, it is clear that the people of West Lancashire still hold our armed forces in high regard.”

The WWI bench

A new waste bin has also been installed at the war memorial thanks to part of the CIL funding for the area and another special bench to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee has been placed on Vicarage Corner in the village.

Councilor Jenny Whiting, Chair of Up Holland Parish Council, said: ‘The area known as ‘The Monument’ or ‘Vicarage Corner’ is a focal point of the village of Up Holland.

“The parish council has been working to improve this area with this funding and are very pleased with the new pews.

“We have had very positive feedback from local residents who are impressed with the quality and responsive design of the new seats and bins next to the war memorial.

The Jubilee Bench

“It is also nice to see that repairs are being made to the war memorial itself.

“Up Holland Parish Council and West Lancashire Borough Council are working in partnership to maintain an important tribute to those who have lost their lives in the service of their country.”