First female paratrooper soldier in the Indian Army

Lance Naik Manju sets a new record by becoming the first woman in the Indian Army to become a paratrooper.

Initially, women were not part of the Indian defense forces, but today, they are essential in all fields. Since 1992, women have become part of the military forces, apart from the medical stream.

On November 16, Lance Naik Manju of the Eastern Command of the Military Police Corps set a new record by becoming the first female paratrooper in the Indian Army.

First female skydiver

On its official Twitter account, Eastern Command shared a video of Lance Naik Manju. The tweet read, “She jumped 10,000 feet yesterday from an ALH. This inspiring act on her part will serve as an example to other women in the military.

The soldier was trained by the Indian Army’s Adventure Wing Parachute Training Team for the jump, which the Indian Army shared with ANI.

Manju jumped from an ALH (Advanced Light Helicopter) Dhruv helicopter for his first record dive. In the video, two divers can be seen holding her in the air.

This is a first but certainly not the first record created by women in the Indian Armed Forces. Take a walk down memory lane to discover other records broken by women in the defense forces.

Women for the first time posted along the LOC

In August 2020, women rewrote history after a troop of soldiers were posted along the LOC and given combat duties. In the same year, “Rifle Women” were deployed to Kashmir for duties, and they created a positive impact.

First female lieutenant general

Punita Arora was the first woman to serve as a Lieutenant General in the Indian Armed Forces. She was also a Vice Admiral in the Indian Navy. Arora was the first woman at the Armed Forces Medical College and coordinated medical research.

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First woman to receive the Sena Medal

In February 2011, Lt. Col. Mitali Madhumita became the first woman to be awarded the Sena Medal for bravery. This is a special honor given to soldiers for exceeding their duties during operations in the North East and Jammu and Kashmir. In February 2010, she was the first officer to reach the Indian embassy in Kabul, which was under attack by suicide bombers.

The navy’s all-female crew made history

In August 2022, an all-female navy crew made history by completing their first surveillance and reconnaissance mission over the Arabian Sea. They were trained for months before the expedition began.

This was also part of the women empowerment initiatives of the Indian Navy. It was a one-of-a-kind mission. The military force expected to inspire more women to take on challenging roles and take on responsibilities.

First female Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force

After joining the Indian Armed Forces in 1968, Padmavathy Bandopadhyay became the first woman to complete her Defense Service Staff College course. She also set the record for becoming the first female air marshal in the Indian Air Force and was the first female aviation medicine specialist.

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Many more women have already rewritten historical documents, and we hope many more will continue to do so.

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