Family of gunman killed by police say NYPD response could have been different

The family of the man with the knife who was shot dead by police in Crown Heights last Monday said the NYPD might have reacted differently since he was mentally ill.

Lawyer Sanford Rubenstein and the family of Eudes Pierre, 26, ask if the force demonstrated by the NYPD was justified and if Pierre was an imminent threat to the officers involved. His family say they are broken.

Police said the incident happened around 4 a.m. Monday when officers responded to a call about a man with a knife and a gun near 1090 Eastern Parkway.

Investigators say 911 calls about a man with a knife near the Utica Avenue subway station were in fact made by the 26-year-old.

Police told News 12 that Pierre had a knife and had received several warnings to drop the gun and show his hands when he walked into the Utica Avenue subway station.

It was at this point that police said they used Tasers to try to stop him, which they said had no effect. Police said he then ran into the street, still armed with the knife, when he charged officers.

It was then that the police said the officers shot him about 10 times.

“We want the video to be available now… it’s important to have transparency so that the audience really knows what’s going on. Relying on an NYPD statement regarding the suicide of a police officer … it’s just not enough. We need to release the video and we want the Attorney General and we have confidence that the Attorney General will conduct a full and thorough investigation, ”Rubenstein said.

While the Attorney General’s investigation is ongoing, police say they found a suicide note at Pierre’s family home.

They also say their records show responses to two Pierre suicide attempts before Monday’s incident.