Egyptian armed forces organize “Badawi 2021” training in Sinai

The Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Mohamed Farid, followed the main phase of the “Badawi 2021” training implemented by the Second Field Army using live ammunition, which is part of as part of annual combat training.

During the exercises, the Second Field Army demonstrated its high combat readiness, as well as its cooperation and technical skills in carrying out planned and emergency tasks during the stages of the battle. They also showed their ability to use the latest controls and use a variety of weapons and equipment and their ability to quickly discover and identify targets in the field.

Farid conveyed greetings and appreciation from President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and Defense Minister Mohamed Zaki to the fighters of the Second Field Army for their efforts and sacrifices, whether in training or missions to eliminate terrorist elements and maintain stability and security in North Sinai.

He praised the exceptional performance of the elements participating in the project, stressing that the General Command of the Armed Forces is concerned with achieving the highest levels of efficiency and combat readiness.

He also paid tribute to the forces which have played a prominent role in the elimination of terrorist elements in certain areas of operations in North Sinai.