Dutch armed forces military contingent conduct field exercise in Rwanda

Men with masculine behaviors that hamper women’s development and empowerment must stop it, President Kagame said Thursday at a meeting in Kinshasa, DRC.

“We must act to tackle the structural barriers and deeply held norms that fuel harmful masculinities, and cultivate positive notions of masculinity. Gender equality is much more of a moral obligation. It is a right that cannot be restricted, ”President Kagame said at the Gender, Violence Against Women and Girls and Men’s Conference on Positive Masculinity, joining others. African Heads of State and Government.

He said men are the perpetrators of violence against women and girls. Men should reverse behavior by taking responsibility for speaking out and taking action against violence against women as well as changing their mindset.

“We need to commit to tackling the negative mindsets among some men and boys that normalize violence against women and girls. By working together, we can end this scourge. Men have a special responsibility to speak up and act, ”he said.

He noted that a strong legal framework that promotes women’s empowerment and gender equality would be essential for the women’s empowerment agenda to be effective.

“Women’s empowerment must be rooted in a strong legal and policy framework. “

According to UN Women, one of the main consequences of gender-based violence (GBV) in Rwanda is the drastic increase in teenage pregnancies.

UN Women reports that teenage pregnancies fell from 17,000 cases to 23,000 teenage pregnancies in 2019.

UN Women also adds that there are a number of unreported cases due to a culture of silence at the community level combined with patriarchal social norms and cultural beliefs.

“Thank you President Tshisekedi for the invitation to attend this very important conference on gender, violence against women and girls and the role of men in eliminating violence against women and girls. Africa has a role to play, ”Kagame said.

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