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RIYAD: Global cybersecurity company Kaspersky signed a strategic agreement with Technology Control Company, a security services, digital services and big data company in Saudi Arabia, at the @Hack Infosec 2021 conference.
The managed security service provider agreement was struck at the conference, one of the most anticipated information security events in Saudi Arabia this year.
This move is in line with Technology Control Company’s commitment to provide customers in Saudi Arabia with enhanced managed security services.
Mohamad Hashem, Country Manager at Kaspersky, told Arab News how new technologies are increasing the risk and exposure to cyber attacks by opening up new avenues of attack.
“With this in mind, Kaspersky is delighted to expand and strengthen the portfolio of Technology Control Company and provide customers in Saudi Arabia with the most effective prevention, detection and response capabilities in the market,” said he declared.

Dr Abdulaziz Alhussain from TCC and Mohammad Hashem singing the chord at the @hack conference. (A photo by Rahaf Jambi)

“Our innovative solutions and extensive expertise will ensure our customers in the region have the best possible data protection through a trusted local technology and service provider,” he said.
Technology Control Company will provide Kaspersky’s resources and services, such as security operations center consulting, security assessment, awareness and training.
The Kingdom is currently developing digitalization and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain, fintech and 5G in its public and private sector.

In view of this, Kaspersky is delighted to expand and strengthen the Technology Control Company portfolio and provide customers in Saudi Arabia with the most effective prevention, detection and response capabilities in the market.

Mohamed Hachem, Country manager at Kaspersky

As the country continues its journey towards digitization and adoption of these technologies, Kaspersky expects a steady increase in cyber attacks.
The partnership will play a key role in managing these risks by helping Technology Control Company provide security oversight, incident response, threat hunting, threat intelligence, managed detection and response services, security assessment and security awareness in a cost effective, scalable and flexible manner. .
Customers of Technology Control Company in Saudi Arabia will be able to subscribe to next-generation SOC services based on solutions that meet global industry standards. Providing training such as incident response, malware analysis and digital forensics is another essential part of the alliance.
Hashem expressed his enthusiasm for participating in the @hack event and said it was the first time the event has been held outside of the United States.
“Of course, we had to be a part of this big event because Kaspersky is one of the leading companies in cybersecurity, and we are happy to be here,” Hachem said.
He said the company has signed an initiative with Cyberkids to help promote a better understanding of cybersecurity.
Muhammad Alwashmi, director of security services at Technology Control Company, said they were happy to partner with an international company with global exposure and region-specific intelligence.
“This agreement will support and provide our customers with premium protection for their businesses through the best solutions available on the market. Having Kaspersky on board will contribute to our success, and we look forward to a successful collaboration, ”said Alwashmi.