Develop reinforced nuclear installations for the armed forces

In a major boost for the defense forces in the forward areas, the Indian Army Corps of Engineers is getting the latest equipment to build tunnels for ammunition storage and reinforced nuclear facilities, the chief engineer said on Sunday. , Lieutenant-General Harpal Singh.

Lt. Gen. Harpal was speaking at a meeting of the Institution of Engineers where he received the “Eminent Engineering Personality Award” for his contributions to the field of engineering within the defense forces and of the Border Roads Organization (BRO).


Speaking at the event, Singh said, “Combat engineers escort road connectivity to forward areas, ensuring that local communities and villages, which are included as waypoints in our plans, be aligned with the efforts of Prime Minister Gati Shakti. The micro-tunnel is the flavor of the times, ensuring reinforced defenses and operational logistics infrastructure. Ammunition storage tunnels for the Army and Army the air are being occupied in a major way. “


He further added that nuclear-enhanced facilities are being developed in advanced areas to improve the capabilities of ground boots.

The Chief Engineer shared his experiences in solving various engineering problems of a complex nature, including successes and achievements during his long and illustrious professional career in the Defense Forces. Singh informed that the BRO is using strategic road construction not only along borders but also in neighboring countries, as part of our strategic outreach.


“The dual-use BRO infrastructure of roads, tunnels and bridges is a force multiplier not only for our strategic needs, but also for the development of communities as well as pristine remote border locations. The most difficult infrastructure landmark to illustrate my point would be the Atal Tunnel. We faced major challenges during construction, ”said Lt. Gen. Harpal.

“As part of the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative, we are accompanying young minds and engineers to an innovative research internship in our center of excellence at Pune Military Engineering College. In a short time he was a pioneer in the field of Nanotechnology Technology, by developing the first Indian nanomaterial, the silicon nanotube and cementless graphene-based concrete, ”he added.

The General Officer has competently faced multi-faceted engineering challenges over the past 39 years, including under adverse field and operating environment conditions. The wide range of engineering challenges include the fields of combat engineering, habitat and training infrastructure, roads and airfields, complex tunnel projects, construction equipment management, maritime infrastructure. , etc.

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