Defense Day reminds us of the unprecedented courage of the armed forces: President – Pakistan


President Dr Arif Alvi said we thwarted the evil design of the enemy on this day 57 years ago.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – President Dr. Arif Alvi said on Monday that Pakistan Defense and Martyrs Day is a reminder of the unprecedented courage and unparalleled bravery displayed by the jawans and officers of our forces armies that enjoy the support and backing of the whole nation.

In a message on the occasion of Advocacy and Martyrs Day on September 6, 2022, he said: “On this day, 57 years ago, we foiled the evil design of the enemy and defeated him. defeated on all fronts. During this trying period, not only did the Armed Forces of Pakistan fight fearlessly on land, in the air and in the waters, but every citizen has come out to defend and safeguard the motherland. September 6 therefore appears in history as the symbol of unshakable national determination, absolute patriotism, profound professionalism and supreme sacrifice.

“This is the milestone that generations look to strengthen their resolve to keep the defense of the homeland dearer than their own lives. I salute the martyrs who sacrificed their lives fighting for the safety and security of the homeland; I I salute the families of the Shuhada for setting a good example by sacrificing their loved ones; and I also salute the valiant Ghazis who fought heroically while defending every inch of our territory.

He said the nation as a whole and the jawans and officers of our armed forces have shown the same “September spirit”, courage and commitment in all trying times – whether it be it a war imposed by the enemy or a situation resulting from a national calamity. Our success in the two-decade war on terrorism and the contribution of the Pakistan Armed Forces to peacekeeping missions around the world is a source of great pride that is also rightly recognized by the international community.

“Pakistan is committed to peace and will continue to follow its policy of peaceful coexistence. At the same time, I must emphasize that our desire for peace should not be interpreted as our weakness. We are well aware of our national and international obligations,” he added.

He called on India to uphold its international obligation to protect human rights, especially to resolve the long-standing issue of Kashmir by following United Nations Security Council resolutions. Kashmir is the unfinished agenda of the 1947 partition.

“It must be resolved to alleviate the suffering of the Kashmiri people and ensure lasting peace in the region. As the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Pakistan, I am very proud and satisfied that the nation has complete confidence in the capability, commitment, professionalism and combat readiness of our civilian and armed forces as well as the agencies. of security to face any type of eventuality and face any type of challenge on the external or internal front. I commend their role in national development and saving precious lives during floods or other natural disasters.

“I salute once again the valiant sons and daughters of the soil who sacrificed their lives to defend the fatherland. Let us resolve that while keeping the same ‘spirit of September’ alive in our hearts, we will continue to play our part in safeguarding the country as well as ensuring a prosperous future for the nation,” the President added.

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