DA: The police are justified in shooting at the death of an armed man | Massachusetts News

BRAINTREE, Mass. (AP) – Massachusetts police were vindicated when they shot and killed a gunman who injured two police officers and killed a police dog in a shootout last June, a prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Braintree Police investigating a domestic violence case at an apartment complex killed Andrew Homen, 34, of Brockton on June 4 after fleeing to nearby woods, the Norfolk District Attorney said , Michael Morrissey, in a statement.

“I have no doubts the Braintree Police were justified in their use of force when Andrew Homen started shooting at them, injuring two and killing their search dog,” Morrissey said.

Homen, who had two guns, posed a threat to officers and others, including students at a nearby college, the district attorney said.

He “was armed and actively resisted arrest, did not follow instructions to disarm or show his hands when asked to do so, attempted to escape arrest by theft in the area adjacent wooded area and unloaded his gun at the police and K-9. Kitt, ”Morrissey said in his report to Braintree chief Mark Dubois.

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Three officers fired at Homen, including the two officers who were injured.

An autopsy determined Homen had 19 wounds entering and exiting the bullets, according to Morrissey’s report.

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