Check | Video of South Korean Armed Forces Day celebrations shared as ‘Indian Army’ showing combat skills

Using InVID, a video verification tool on Google Chrome, we split the viral video into several keyframes and performed reverse image searches on some of them.

A search on Yandex led us to a clear image of the video, which contained text and a logo.

We scanned the top left text using Google Lens, which identified the language as Korean and translated it to “69th Anniversary Armed Forces Day Celebration.”

Inspired by this, we searched for videos of the event and came across the full video of the event dated September 28, 2017, on the South Korean news portal. Arirang News‘Verified YouTube channel.

Here we saw that the visuals corresponding to the viral video started one hour and 38 minutes after the start of the event video.

(Note: swipe right to view all three images.)

We saw that the viral clip didn’t use a continuous part of the video, but put together different sections of the fight routine displayed during the celebrations.

The country celebrates its Armed Forces Day on October 1 every year, to commemorate the day its forces crossed the border, against the North Korean invasion, during the 1950 Korean War, in accordance with AlJazeera.

However, it was celebrated earlier in 2017 as the Lunar Harvest Festival fell on October 1 that year, according to the report.

You can watch the full video of the 69th celebration of South Korea’s Armed Forces Day, which took place in 2017 here.

Obviously, the video does not show Indian Army personnel. It shows the South Korean Armed Forces showing off their skills during the 69th Armed Forces Day celebrations.

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