Capitol Police say gunman Richard Aaron York crashed into the US Capitol early Sunday before killing himself

Authorities have identified the man who crashed into the U.S. Capitol barricade early Sunday morning before opening fire and killing himself as 29-year-old Richard Aaron York. York crashed just after 4am and his car was engulfed in flames as he drove out. He then began to fire indiscriminately with a handgun before a nearby Capitol Police officer saw him shoot himself in the head, Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said during an interview. a press briefing. No one other than the driver was injured. Police said they did not believe York was targeting members of Congress, who are on vacation, and Manger said nothing on the man’s social media accounts linked him to the Capitol. Officers also did not hear him say anything during the incident. “We don’t have any information that would indicate his motivation at this point,” Manger said. York has addresses in Delaware and Pennsylvania and a criminal history dating back the past decade, Manger said.

According to previous media reports, York was accused of choking and assault his pregnant girlfriend ten years ago, and accused of rob a pharmacy in 2017 to steal controlled substances. Court records show previous convictions for disorderly conduct, terrorist threats and assaults, and possession of controlled substances.

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