Bulgarian armed forces participated in more than 200 exercises for 2021 – Novinite.com

the Armed forces of Bulgaria conducted and participated in more than 200 exercises this year, including more than 30 with international participation, according to the Defense Ministry in response to questions from BTA.

Gasket coaching during the year focused mainly on the constitution of headquarters and formations at the tactical level.

This year, the military, personnel and military formations with weapons and military equipment Bulgaria, Albania, Great Britain, Greece, Georgia, Spain, Italy, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, USA, Serbia and Turkey participated in the exercises on our territory. A total of around 9,000 people participated, along with around 1,500 units of ground equipment and weapons, around 120 military planes and helicopters and 61 warships.

The largest were the Steadfast Defender 2021, Noble Jump 2021 and Defender Europe 2021 exercises, which took place in May and June in South-Eastern Europe, including in the territory of Bulgaria, and related joint preparations. The first two were planned by NATO.

The Europe 21 Defender exercise was planned and directed by the United States Army Command in Europe and Africa. It included a series of related tactical exercises, tactical combat exercises, and computer-assisted command and staff exercises. Among these, the Armed forces of Bulgaria organized and participated in the tactics exercise with combat fire Balkan Sentinel 21, at coaching on the ground “Novo Selo”, with the participation of formations of the ground forces of Bulgaria, Georgia and the United States; tactics exercise with the Strike Back 21 combat shot, at coaching soil “Koren”, with the participation of formations of the ground forces of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, and air force planes from Bulgaria and Greece; tactics exercise air defense / air defense / Bulgarian army formations “Shabla 2021”, the anti-aircraft range of the air force “Shabla”, with the participation of air defense formations of the air force , Land Forces, Navy, Joint Special Operations Command, anti-aircraft missile and aircraft ratings from Serbia and the US Air Force in Europe.

Other exercises with Bulgarian participation, within Defender Europe 21, include the airborne Swift Response 21 exercise in the area of ​​Cheshnegirovo Air Base, Plovdiv Airport, Bezmer Forward Deployment Base and Novo Selo coaching Earth. “, with the participation of Italian and American formations and a Bulgarian mechanized company; Trojan Footprint – South 21 Special Operations Forces exercise in the Tsrancha regions Coaching Center and in several regions of the country, with the participation of the Special Operations Forces of the Bulgarian Republic Armed forces and special forces formations from Great Britain, Spain, Italy, the Republic of North Macedonia and the United States. During computer-assisted command and staff exercise Balkan 21, which took place in the Novo Selo region coaching on the ground, with soldiers from the land forces of Bulgaria and in the United States, certification of the headquarters of the 61st Mechanized Brigade was completed.

During the year, other major exercises were carried out in the armed forces. In the Land Forces, this was the international joint group coaching “Rhodopes 21”, with the participation of the formations of the armed forces member countries or partners of the alliance. In the navy – the navy exercise with the international participation “Breeze 2021”, the Bulgarian-Romanian joint action against mines exercise Poseidon 2021, the tactic exercise of the Fleet of Warships and Support Vessels “Black Sea 2021”. And in the Air Force – air exercises with international participation Green Bridge 21 and Blue Bridge 21, as well as the Bulgarian-American joint flight coaching “Thracian summer 21”.

In 2022, international exercises and independent and joint national training exercises are planned. Bigger next year will be Defensive Shield, Platinum Lion, Pirin Sentinel, Blue Bridge, Green Bridge, Thracian Summer / Fall, Poseidon, Stealth Dagger, Beyond Horizon, “Breeze”, “Sea Guard” and “Air Guard”.

the military department considers the past year for the Bulgarian army to be tense and full of challenges. And they report that, despite the anti-epidemic measures in the country, the preparation of the types of armed forces was carried out systematically and within the limits of the financial resources allocated.

In addition to the complex epidemic situation, the preparedness process and the state of the staffs and formations were influenced by factors related to the transformation processes in response to the dynamic security environment, as well as the implementation. work of Bulgariainternational collective security and defense commitments. .

In response to these challenges, the main priorities in the preparation of the armed forces were aimed at maintaining the gains and developing new capabilities to accomplish tasks aimed at ensuring sovereignty and the protection of territorial integrity and independence. of the country, respect for allied commitments in the field of collective security and defense, as well as helping the population to face or overcome the consequences of disasters.