Brazilian Armed Forces acquire 27 additional H125 helicopters

LONDON – The Combat Aircraft Program Coordination Committee (COPAC) today announced that the Brazilian Armed Forces have acquired 27 H125 single-engine helicopters. These will help strengthen the training capabilities of the Brazilian Navy and Air Force.

The H125s will be produced at the final H125 assembly line in Itajubá, Brazil. They will be produced at the Helibras plant, the same plant producing the H225s for the Brazilian Armed Forces.

The H125s have been ordered to replace the aging fleet of AS350 and Bell 206 helicopters currently in service with the Brazilian Air Force and Navy.

Management declarations

“This joint supply contract represents the completion of a project that will equip both the Brazilian Air Force and Navy with modern aircraft that will meet the Forces’ needs for the next 30 years” Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, Commander of the Air Force said.

Bruno Even, CEO of Airbus Helicopters added that: “Airbus Helicopters is proud to see the H125 supporting the training of the next generation of Brazilian Armed Forces pilots.”

“The H125 is a versatile helicopter widely used in the civil and military markets as a training platform thanks to its robustness, reliability and ease of maintenance. We are honored by the continued confidence of the Brazilian Armed Forces after more than 40 years of cooperation.

About the H125 Helicopter

The new H125 helicopters will be equipped with a G500H TXi glass cockpit and a VEMD (Vehicle & Engine Multifunction Display). The cockpit will also be compatible with the use of night vision binoculars. It will include different types of mission equipment, such as a winch and a hook, making the training of future pilots as realistic as possible.

The Brazilian Armed Forces currently have a fleet of 156 Airbus helicopters, based at 8 bases across the country. Their fleet ranges from the light single-engine Ecureuil family to the heavy multi-purpose H225M helicopter, of which 67 and 41 helicopters are operated.

These aircraft cover a wide range of missions, such as tactical transport of military and humanitarian aid, search and rescue and support to civilian populations.

In Brazil, the helicopter was used by the Air Force, Navy, Sao Paulo State Police and Minas Gerais State Police. Brazil is one of the largest operators of the H125.

The Brazilian Armed Forces operates a fleet of 34 Fennec helicopters and 33 H125s, as well as 5 H135s, 34 Panthers, 10 Cougars and 41 H225Ms.

Infographic illustrating the range of Airbus helicopters in service with the Brazilian Armed Forces.

H125 helicopter data

The H125 has a length of 10.93m and a height of 3.145m, with room for 1 crew and up to 6 passengers. The helicopter has an empty weight of 1,174 kg and a max. take-off weight of 2,250 kg.

It has a rotor diameter of 10.7 m, a range of up to 662 km, a cruising speed of 245 km/h and a maximum range of 4 hours and 6 minutes.

The H125’s service ceiling is 4,600m – although the highest H125 ever flown landed atop Mount Everest at 8,848m in May 2005.

The H125 has been a proven helicopter, with more than 5,350 currently in service and over 37 million cumulative flight hours. The H125 is known for its ruggedness and is widely used in high performance missions.