BiH Armed Forces soldiers met NATO standards and received excellent rating

For the past five days, the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s “Combined Effort 22″ exercise was conducted on Manjaca, which was supposed to show the readiness of the soldiers, and which NATO called ” excellent”.

Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sifet Podžić, today held a press conference during which he announced the results of the exercise that took place in Manjača for the past five days, in during which the soldiers of the light infantry battalion group of the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina showed their preparation.

Podžić also clarified what type of scoring is involved and what all qualifications are being looked at.

Namely, as explained by Podžić, there are four levels of evaluation, and therefore four grades: excellent, very good, good and not passed. Five areas are assessed: preparation, operation, support, communication and information systems and administration.

“The Light Infantry Battalion Battle Group was rated in three areas with ‘excellent’ success, and in two areas with a score of ‘very good’,” Podžić said.

In this exercise, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina performed more than two thousand one hundred tasks that they were supposed to demonstrate in front of NATO evaluators. Podžić congratulated all the soldiers, officers, non-commissioned officers and generals who took part in this exercise.

“This makes a total of 890 soldiers, plus two platoons, finally 1118 members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Podžić, once again thanking all those who participated in this exercise and calling on the authorities to grant more attention to the situation. “golden boys” in the future” as the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina have, writes