Azerbaijani armed forces capture large number of trophies

BAKOU, Azerbaijan, November 16


The provocations that were recently carried out by the Armenian armed forces in the territory of the districts of Kalbajar and Lachin have become more intense, said deputy head of the press service of the Azerbaijan Defense Ministry, Lt. Col. Anar. Eyvazov at a briefing related to recent provocations by Armenian troops against Azerbaijan on the state border, Trend reports.

“Armenian soldiers suddenly launched an attack on November 16 around 11:00 (GMT + 4) to seize the heights in this direction of the state border and settle in more advantageous positions to achieve military superiority” , said Eyvazov.

According to Eyvazov, Armenian units, which concentrated additional manpower, military and special equipment, including artillery installations, on positions in Basarkechar district and Garakils district, came under bombardment. Intensive small arms of various calibers, artillery installations and grenade launchers the positions of the Azerbaijani army in the direction of the districts of Kalbajar and Lachin, attacked military posts.

“As a result of the attack, two soldiers of the Azerbaijani army were injured. First aid was immediately provided to the wounded. In order to suppress the combat activity of the Armenian armed forces, the Azerbaijani units located in the directions Kalbajar and Lachin immediately took operational measures, ”Eyvazov said.

“At the beginning, the movement of the enemy was limited, damage was done to its troops and its means of combat. As a result of decisive action taken, the Armenian military were disarmed and detained, and numerous weapons of various calibers and ammunition were seized. To suppress provocations from the opposing side, the units of the Azerbaijani army are taking adequate measures, ”Eyvazov stressed.

According to him, the attack of the Armenian units, seeking to gain an advantage in a short time by means of a large-scale provocation, completely failed in operational and tactical terms.

“At present, the situation at the border remains tense, it is controlled by units of the Azerbaijani army. The Azerbaijani defense ministry will inform the public about the situation,” he said.