Arsonists have no place in the armed forces, says senior army official: Report | India is blooming

New Delhi: Arsonists have no place in the armed forces, a senior army official who has been a driving force behind the new ‘Agnipath’ service program said on Saturday, as various parts of India continued to suffer violent protests from aspirants to the armed forces.

“We can’t stand arson. These people [protesters] have no place with us. There is not an iota of indiscipline [in the armed forces]“, Lt. Gen. Anil Puri told NDTV today.

He said the unrest could be the result of the bitterness of a small percentage of armed forces aspirants, who had been preparing for the recruitment test for the past two years amid the pandemic, and not against the program. ‘Agnipath’ himself, Lieutenant General Puri.

Lieutenant General Puri is the additional secretary of the Department of Military Affairs, who was General Bipin Rawat, who died in a helicopter crash in December last year.

He said the program was not about cutting costs, but about making the Indian army a young, modern and more efficient force. “In fact, training Agniveers [those recruited under ‘Agnipath] will cost more in the future,” Lt. Gen. Puri added.

“In times to come, [the average age in the military] will go down to 26 years from 32 years. In six to seven years, we will be 27 on average,” Lt. Gen. Puri said.

Under the program, “Agniveers” would learn new skills in the military, which would be beneficial for post-tour of duty roles, the officer told NDTV.

Agniveers who successfully complete Class 10 will be eligible for the Class 12 certificate upon successful completion of the course. They will also be trained in supply chain management.

“In fact, Indian companies would be happy to hire Agniveers,” Lt. Gen. Puri said. “Industry leaders have told the government, ‘you give us discipline, we’ll do the finishing school,’ so hiring Agnipath graduates won’t be a problem,” he said. declared.

Amid the unrest, the government announced several concessions, including a 10% quota in Ministry of Defense jobs, coastguard and civilian defense posts, and the 16 companies in the sector. defense audience. This is in addition to the existing reservation for veterans.

This is in addition to the 10% reservation for ‘Agniveers’ in the Central Armed Police Force, or CAPF, and the Assam Rifles, which fall under the Ministry of Defence.

Lt. Gen. Puri said the paramilitary forces absorbing the Agniveers will not need to train them and only a few weeks orientation will suffice.

He told NDTV that the Agnipath program is not open to women in combat roles and there are no pals at this time.