Armed man on suicide mission Containment of forces in UN building, deployment of emergency vehicles

New York Police Department officers are in an armed standoff with a man wielding a shotgun outside the United Nations building, police said.

The man is seen on video pacing in front of a building in Tudor City, along the East River. The incident was reported at 10:39 a.m. at the bus stop at the intersection of E 42nd Street and 1st Ave.

The white man believed to be in his 60s has gray hair and is wearing blue jeans, a light blue shirt under a red sweater and a beige jacket. He is seen holding the shotgun barrel to his head, according to Dailymail.

The police were heard saying, “Put the gun down. There are better ways to get your message across.

Officers had their guns pointed at him as they issued their warnings and attempted to negotiate with him. The man allegedly threatened to harm himself. A black bag, a red megaphone, glasses, a water bottle, several jackets and several small unidentified objects were spread out on the sidewalk behind him.

The NYPD issued a statement assuring citizens that “there is NO THREAT to the public at this time.”

Video from the scene shows the man pacing as he holds the barrel of the gun to his chin.

He is seen holding a red folder and appears to be talking to someone offscreen. He shakes his head before getting up and walking in the direction he was speaking holding the shotgun and the red folder.

The NYPD confirmed it was trying to establish communication with the gunman but did not report any comments he made.

Two law enforcement officials said the man was seen mumbling to himself and also had what appears to be a bag with him, CNN reported.

The bomb disposal team responded to the scene where a heavy police presence was seen.

The NYPD issued a traffic advisory around 11 a.m. warning citizens to avoid the area as emergency vehicles were expected to circle the area. Traffic along FDR Drive has been affected.

About two dozen emergency vehicles responded to the scene.

Helicopters were heard hovering over the area and a city bus was used to block traffic in the city center.