Armed man arrested outside Gorge music festival

GEORGE, Wash. — The Grant County Sheriff’s Office arrested a gunman outside a music festival at the Gorge Amphitheater on Saturday.

Despite initial claims from the sheriff’s office that the man intended to commit a mass shooting, they said on Tuesday they did not believe he was going to commit a mass shooting.

They arrested Jonathan R. Moody, 30, of Ephrata on Friday night after witnesses reported him acting suspiciously.

Witnesses saw Moody inhale an unknown substance or gas from a balloon, then load two guns into the trunk of his car. The man was armed when he started asking people on site when the concert would end and where people would be coming out of.

Moody failed to enter the amphitheater. Security detained him outside the gates and disarmed him.

He was later arrested on suspicion of possession of a dangerous weapon and unlawful carrying or handling of a weapon. He made no statement when questioned by police.

Nearly 25,000 people were at the Gorge for Bass Canyon, an electronic dance music festival.

No one was injured and police are tightening security for Saturday’s concerts.

Moody was arraigned Monday in Grant County District Court on one count of possession of a dangerous weapon and one count of carrying or unlawfully handling a weapon. Moody pleaded not guilty and was released on Monday evening. His next court appearance will be on September 8.

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