Armed forces veterans say holiday open to all races as court grants leave

KUALA LUMPUR (July 18): Kemakmuran Negara Party, a party for veterans of the armed forces, won clearance (clearance) from the High Court on Monday July 18 for judicial review here against the Registrar of Companies (RoS) and the Minister of the Interior, because the minister did not answer the appeal of the veterans after the RoS rejected the formation of the party.

His lawyer, Lim Wei Jiet, confirmed that Judge Datuk Ahmad Kamal Md Shahid had allowed a judicial review application to have the party’s challenge heard on its full merits.

After granting leave, the High Court set July 27 for the handling of the case.

In judicial review cases, to challenge a decision made by the authorities, permission or permission from the court must be obtained for the claim to be heard on the merits.

On July 7, armed forces veterans filed a legal challenge against the RoS and the Home Secretary to compel the minister to make a decision on the veterans’ appeal after the RoS rejected their application to register the Kemakmuran Negara Party.

Led by Brigadier General (Rtd) Datuk Abdullah Mohamed and seven others, the group named the Minister of Interior and the RoS as respondents due to the minister’s delay in making a decision on the party’s appeal against the decision of the RoS on March 16 to refuse its registration.

The founders had applied for the party’s registration on March 9, 2021, and this was rejected a year later. They then appealed the decision on March 25 of this year. Almost four months have passed since the filing of the appeal without any decision having been taken by the minister (Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainuddin).

Therefore, under the judicial review, they are asking for a court order to compel the minister to render a decision within seven days of the appeal, if the veterans’ application is successful.

New narrative because the party is open to everyone, not just veterans

Meanwhile, Abdullah, who is the chairman of the party, in a statement after the court ruling said the judicial review was filed after the party repeatedly appealed the case.

Abdullah said he would take the opportunity to correct the perception towards the party that it is a party for all races, not just for veterans or for the welfare of the people. veterans, but for all citizens.

“We don’t trust the traditional political parties that have had and are currently administering the country or the leaders or institutions that are filled with corrupt practices that think it’s business as usual.

“The party is formed to fight for the people, especially … the post-Covid-19 pandemic and [in] the current difficult economic situation. The party wants to strengthen the voice of the rakyat in the development of the economy, socio-economy which is currently in decline. We, the veterans, would like to rise up, not to fight the traditional enemy but to hinder the politics of wanting power and jeopardizing the stability and development of the country,” he said.

Abdullah said the veterans are ready to work with any political party that can change and put Malaysia on the right progressive path according to the new mould.

“We do not trust the main political parties to defend the constitution, the integrity and to increase the dignity of this country. We have been left behind in some aspects of technology and innovation compared to countries in this Asian region.

“Malaysia could arise with a new ideology or a new narrative and follow development policies based on meritocracy, pragmatism and honesty. Only the government could have the framework for the people to do that,” he added.

The veterans, Abdullah said, are sensitive to the country’s instability and would fight the politics of race and disunity.

He added that they reject racist or religious extremist views that could lead to more division rather than unifying the nation.

“This country needs elements of security in all aspects, such as the dangers associated with the influx of illegal immigrants, in infrastructure, IT and security against cyberattacks and white-collar crime.

“There is also a need for political security, stability via a new narrative of economic security including food security and the reduction of the country’s debts as well as ecological security with the aim of preventing rampant illegal logging”, he added.

“The party will fight against corruption, abuse of power or cartels, and our mission is a new policy that has integrity and dignity and service to the B40.

“In line with this, we need to strengthen various government institutions such as Police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Immigration, Customs and others to provide [their services]. The country should also strengthen the judicial system so that there is no political interference. There should be a demarcation of powers between the legislature, the executive and the judiciary,” he added.

He said that all of this is necessary in a functioning democracy because there needs to be a balance between these three branches.

“For this reason, we hope that the Kemakmuran Negara Party will be allowed to register as soon as possible so that we can have time to strengthen ourselves and prepare for the 15th general elections,” Abdullah said.

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