Armed forces open new residential compound for Bedouins in North Sinai

CAIRO – April 28, 2022: Commander of forces east of the Suez Canal to fight terrorism, Major General Khaled Bayoumi and Governor of North Sinai Mohamed Abdel Fadeel Shousha on Thursday inaugurated a new residential complex for the Bedouins in the town of Nekhel.

The project, implemented in coordination with the Egyptian House of Zakat and Charity, aims to meet the needs of the Sinai community.

It includes 25 fully equipped Bedouin houses, a mosque, a hostel and handicraft centers, as well as a number of public amenities and services.

Bayoumi affirmed that the General Command of the Armed Forces spares no effort to realize the comprehensive development of the Sinai Peninsula and provide a decent life for the people of Sinai.

For their part, the Sinai tribal leaders expressed their joy at the ongoing development efforts in the Sinai Peninsula, highlighting the close relationship with the armed forces.

During the Egyptian family Iftar, held last Tuesday, and in the presence of eminent political and religious figures as well as numerous officials and members of the government, President Sisi welcomed the sheikhs [elders] of Sinai. He thanked them for their cooperation with the state and said the government aimed to achieve real development in Sinai.