Armed Forces Chief of General Staff to be appointed after structural changes

After structural changes in the Armenian Defense Ministry, we will have a new model, according to which the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces will be the First Deputy Defense Minister, Defense Minister Suren Papikyan said in an interview on public television.

“Some changes are taking place in the management of the army, these are not fundamental changes, anyway the Armed Forces will only deal with the defense of the country, combat training. Procurement, maintenance, supply: all this will be managed by the departments. That is to say, starting from the logistical support, everything will not be done by the military. A lot of things will be delegated,” he said.

The Minister also indicated that this law has been circulating for a long time within the government and will soon be submitted to the National Assembly.

When asked if the law was the reason we still don’t have a Chief of the General Staff, the minister said that was not the reason. “The reason is to make the right decision, of course. But he, the acting chief of staff, is fully fulfilling his duties today,” he said, adding that he couldn’t see it. no problem.

Responding to the question about the morale of the army, Suren Papikyan said that it is naturally difficult to recover from war, but the morale is quite high. “And in this sense, we have work to do: securing the rear of the army, trusting the army… The army expects support, it’s moral support. And we have to go into this direction, the link between society and the army must always work.”

Responding to a question about conscription, the Minister mentioned that the next conscription will take place from June 13 to July 31. “All our conscripts will go through the education process, after which they will be transferred to military units.”