Arestovich: Ukrainian Armed Forces covered a whole battalion of Russians in Donbass

In the Russian Federation, the 155th Marine Brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet complained of huge losses in the Donbass. In the end, they tried to scare off the Ukrainian defenders, but failed. The Russian invaders fell into the trap of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

As Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the president’s office, said in an interview with Russian lawyer Mark Feygin. “This brigade was previously involved in Mariupol, where it ‘swept’ the defenders of the Ukrainian city a lot. After that, it was “cancelled” – the Russians replenished its combat capability.”

“Now, according to sources, the unit has 30-70% irrecoverable losses. After the offensive in the Donbass, the Russians said that more soldiers died in the brigade than in the first Chechnya. And in the first Chechnya, 63 people died killed. Well, if there are more, then at least 64. But since then, another five days have passed, and they wrote a joint letter to the governor, saying: “treat with our generals,” and that’s not a good sign for everyone in the army,” Arestovitch said.

According to him, two days later, the Russian fighters received a response from the governor, who stressed that “the losses are exaggerated, we are just attacking hard.”

“And what is the essence of the offense? At first they (the Russians) jumped over our first positions with joy, expecting the Ukrainians to weaken and run, but the Ukrainians did not weaken and run away! Therefore, they jumped closer to Pavlovka, and all the supply and evacuation of the wounded and everything else is happening in the corridor since our two landings, ” Arestovitch said.

Russian casualties near Pavlovka now number in the hundreds, he added.