Andaman and Nicobar Command Conduct Joint Military Exercise with Armed Forces and Paratroopers | India News

NEW DELHI: The Andaman and Nicobar Joint Command (ANC) is currently conducting a major multi-area exercise with components of the Army, Navy, IAF and Coast Guard as well as Special Forces in the archipelago strategically located.
The high-voltage exercise tests mobilization, operations and combat readiness to validate and rehearse different plans and contingencies in a realistic tactical framework under the command and control of the ANC, which is the sole operational or theater command joint services of the country, one said the officer.
Even as the troops of the three services were mobilized for an amphibious landing during the combat maneuvers attended by the leader of the ANC, Lieutenant-General Ajai Singh, the “rapid response capacity” of the Shatrujeet brigade based in Agra has been validated with its paratroopers executing a drop in an island territory. des Andamans Wednesday morning.
Amid the ongoing military confrontation with China in eastern Ladakh since April-May last year, India is finally planning to step up “force build-up” and “military infrastructure development” in the ANC to effectively counter Chinese movements in the Indian Ocean region, as reported by TOI earlier.
The ANC was established as India’s first Joint Geographic Command in October 2001, but failed to reach its potential due to turf wars between the three services, general politico-bureaucratic apathy, shortages funds and environmental concerns.