A man with a gun takes people hostage in an Apple Store in Amsterdam

A man with a gun entered an Apple store in central Amsterdam on Tuesday evening and held one or more people hostage, police said, adding that they had surrounded the area.

“There is currently a hostage situation at the Apple Store in Leidseplein,” city police said on Twitter.

“To ensure the safety of everyone involved, we are unable to share any information about the situation and/or the action taken by the police.

‘We would like to ask all members of the public to stay away from the site so that the police can concentrate on handling the situation,’ they said.

Police said several special units had been deployed to “contain the situation”, adding that they were alerted to an armed robbery at 5:40 p.m. (1640 GMT) which quickly turned into a hostage situation.

They were monitoring images circulating on social media that would potentially be used in an investigation, they added.

Tim Wagemakers, a freelance journalist who was in a nearby building, tweeted that there were heavily armed police at the site.

This building has since been evacuated.

Footage on social media showed an armed man holding an unarmed man at gunpoint, local media reported. Several witnesses heard gunshots inside the Apple Store, according to outlet AT5.

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