5 Stockton officers shoot gunman who charged them outside police headquarters – CBS Sacramento

STOCKTON (CBS13) – A man was shot dead by police after he allegedly accused them while armed with a gun outside Stockton Police Headquarters on Wednesday evening.

The shooting took place around 8:30 p.m. in the parking lot outside the Stockton Police Department operations building at 22 E. Market Street, according to a police department statement.

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Police said they received two calls about a man in the police department parking lot firing a gun. A total of six officers then exited through the entrance hall doors to investigate.

Officers say the suspect started walking towards them and screaming. He was armed with a handgun, police said.

The suspect was ordered to land on the ground and drop the weapon. As the suspect knelt down, police said he would not drop the gun. He also continued to scream.

At one point, officers say the suspect got up, pointed the gun at officers, and then started running towards them.

This prompted five police officers to shoot the man. It is not known how many times he was shot, but the suspect has been arrested. Officers then began rescue measures before paramedics took over.

Police said the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

No officer was injured in the incident.

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Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones spoke after the shooting, saying officers were forced to shoot.

“Unfortunately, we are seeing more cases like this, not just in our region – whether they are ambushes or assaults on police officers or their buildings or operations buildings. We have seen an increase in that number nationwide and it is extremely concerning, ”said Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones.

According to the police, this is the weapon used by the shooter. (credit: Stockton PD)

There were civilians outside the headquarters at the time, but they were also unharmed, Jones says.

The name of the suspect was not disclosed. A Colt handgun allegedly used by the suspect was found at the scene. It contained a single bullet.

The five officers who opened fire will be on paid administrative leave of three days, in accordance with law enforcement standard operating procedure after a shootout.

Police said the main hall of the department remains closed due to the investigation.

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this story incorrectly named Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones.]